Caitlin Hashim gave Jesus her whole heart in 2007. Shortly after, she came to Summit Bible College, knowing she had a call on her life for full-time ministry. She began working at Summit in 2009 and was recently promoted to Vice President of Operations.

Caitlin has a heart to authentically share her relationship with God and others through the platform of media, teaching about God’s redemption and the truth of His word. She’s been a radio personality in Bakersfield for over 7 years, hosting The Caitlin Hashim Show, which airs each Thursdays at 1:00 pm, on KERI, 1410 AM in Bakersfield. The show covers a wide range of topics with a new guest each week and is also available on podcast from iTunes.

Recently, Caitlin launched a video ministry on YouTube, also entitled The Caitlin Hashim Show. Viewers can go to her channel and subscribe. Her passion is to network with leaders, equip those with a call, and pray and impart words of encouragement in the lives of those she meets daily.